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Recently, the Sweethearts and Royal Belles competed in the Sweetheart Classic! Congratulations to all!

Sweetheart Awards:

• 1st Place Senior Solo: Rylie Fleming #2
• Runner-Up Senior Solo: Jasmine Panbamrung
• 1st Place Sophomore Solo: Brenlee Burns
• Runner-up Sophomore Solo: Lyla Thomas
• 1st place Freshman Solo: Alexis Patlan
• Runner-Up Freshman Solo: Abby Timoh
• Duet Winners: Brenlee Burns & Izzy Courtright

Division One Solos:
Kim Cross
Izzy Courtright
Makinzie Schneck
Rylie Fleming #1
Rylie Fleming #2
Jasmine Panbamrung
Brenlee Burns
Lyla Thomas
Alexis Patlan
Abby Timoh

2024 Sweetheart Classic - Sweetheart Group Photo

Royal Belles Awards:

• 1st Place 8th Grade PS: Hadley Jones
• Runner-Up 8th Grade PS: Kaitlyn Sandoval
• 1st Place 8th Grade AS: Addison Chumley
• 1st Place 7th Grade PS: Habiba Dwabe
• 1st Place 7th Grade AS: Harmony Ilenfeld
• Duet Winners: Addiysn Green & Habiba Dwabe

Division One Solos:
Julianne Yeager
Lily Tompkins
Harmony Ilenfeld
Habiba Dwabe
Addison Chumley
Hadley Jones
Kaitlin Sandoval

2024 Sweetheart Classic - Royal Belles Group Photo